MartinLogan, based in Kansas, MO, USA, has announced the introduction of three new models to their Motion-series loudspeaker line: the Motion 60XT floorstander, Motion 35XT monitor, and Motion 50XT center-channel. This brings the total number of Motion-series speakers to eight.

Motion 50XT

According to the company’s press release today: “XT stands for extreme, and for good reason. The new Motion XT speakers play louder, lower, and with unflinching accuracy. Larger woofers and cabinets, paired with our most accurate Folded Motion™ XT driver, deliver an engaging and encompassing experience that cuts straight to the emotion locked inside your favorite recordings.

“Motion XT speakers feature a ferocious combination of high-performance components: high-excursion, black aluminum cone woofers with low-turbulence, rear-firing, bass ports provide extended, powerful bass; larger, more accurate Folded Motion XT tweeters boasts a radiating surface 40% larger than other Motion series speakers for ultra-low distortion; and a dedicated mid-woofer on the Motion 60XT promotes an even more open, revealing and authentic sound in the critical midrange. The result is acoustic alchemy across the frequency spectrum, creating an unbelievably realistic musical experience.”

Motion 35XT

The 60XT and 35XT sell in the United States for $2999.95 and 1199.96 per pair, respectively. The 50XT sells for $899.95. Finishes for each model include: High-Gloss Piano Black and High-Gloss Black Cherrywood. All three models will be available at the end of this month.

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