Our coverage team reflects on the days' events.

Doug Schneider

  • January 9 - "Today, we're the leaders in online show reporting, but we're also well aware that we wouldn't be if it weren't for those initial lessons we learned from Tyll Hertsens, the guy who actually started it all."
  • January 11 - "I vowed before CES 2009 that we'd produce the largest, most comprehensive CES show report anywhere, and we did it."

Marc Mickelson

  • January 9 - "Thanks for the memories, Bobby, and for all those still to come."
  • January 11 - "This is the only audio demonstration I've attended during which one of the products was passed around for closer inspection."

Jeff Fritz

  • January 8 - "The first day of the 2009 CES made it clear just how much the computer has integrated its way into the audiophile mindset."
  • January 10 - "'High-end audio came to its senses at the 2009 CES.' You can quote me on that."

Roger Kanno

  • January 8 - "...music servers, and probably even media servers, are the wave of the future for sources in home-entertainment systems."
  • January 10 - "And because the Mythos STS has such phenomenal bass performance, I have no doubt that you could...have an extremely accomplished 5.1-channel surround speaker system based around it, and that system would not require any additional subwoofers."

Colin Smith

  • January 8 - "...my colleagues insist that attendance is down significantly this year, I think they might be pulling my leg."
  • January 9 - "Having covered the Las Vegas Convention Center in what must be record time -- a day and a half -- this afternoon was spent on the top three floors of the Venetian Hotel, where a great many audio manufacturers have set up displays and demos."
  • January 10 - "NAD could fairly be called the great gray lady of audio because its components have traditionally been clothed in the metal-and-plastic equivalent of a potato sack. But the company’s new Viso products are smooth, rounded and very slick."
  • January 11 - "The systems and speakers are full range, and so are our ears, so why not the demo music?"