Aperion Audio Intimus 4T Loudspeakers

aperion_4t_300hPrice: $650 per pair


He said: The 4T asks little in terms of space, watts, or money, but play through them your favorite but imperfectly recorded LPs or CDs and they’ll make the most of the good that’s there while downplaying the bad. In a world of cynical hi-fi gear, the Aperion 4T is a true optimist.


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The gist: Mini-floorstander with monster sound, direct to your door.

Aperion Audio Intimus 6T Loudspeakers

aperion_6t_300hPrice: $1390 per pair


He said: I had to keep reminding myself that these wonderful-sounding speakers are affordable by almost anyone’s standard, not just an audiophile’s. And these speakers always brought me closer to the music played through them.

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The gist: Aperion’s flagships are only $1390 a pair and sound terrific. Refreshing. 

EgglestonWorks Dianne Loudspeakers

eggleston_dianne_300hPrice: $2500 per pair


He said: If you’re tired of the razor-like highs prominent in many of the home-theater-slotted speakers that cost between $2000 and 3000/pair, or you’re weary of speakers that seem designed more for extreme sound-pressure levels than for reproducing a recording’s finer details, or you don’t want a thin-sounding bookshelf model that’s unlistenable without a subwoofer, then the Dianne might be the speaker for you.


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The gist: Audiophile with $2500 to spend, meet Dianne.

Dynaudio Excite X12 Loudspeakers

dynaudio_x12_220hPrice: $1200 per pair


He said: But it’s the Dynaudio Excite X12’s considerable strengths that make it special, even unique -- I don’t know of another small speaker that plays quite like this one.


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The gist: The Danes make another great little speaker. 

Focus Audio Signature FS8 Loudspeakers

focus_fs8Price: $2990 per pair


He said: Focus Audio’s Signature FS8 is a killer speaker by almost every measure: It looks fantastic, it sounds wonderful, and its price is something many can afford.


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The gist: Not exactly cheap, but hits all the right buttons.

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