Wednesday, January 25, 2017
HP50 Headphones
Blade Two
M4U 4 Earphones
Show Coverage
from Montréal
RBH Sound
HP-2 Headphones
GoldenEar Triton
Two+ & Three+
Mark Dodd
and the KEF LS50
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Blue CirclePrice: $4495


Michael said: Those looking to add to or upgrade their PLCs should add the BC60X1 to their short list. The time I spent listening to the BC60X1 was a pleasant assault on the senses, and I can’t imagine allowing my system to take that next step without one. I give it my highest recommendation. And I bought one.

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The gist: Further proof: this company really understands power conditioners.

Nordost Norse 2 Tyr 2Price: starting at $3199.99 per cord


Jason said: There’s no question in my mind that the Norse 2 Tyr 2s sound superb. Inserting them in an already great-sounding system previously lashed up with their little brother Freys, I clearly heard consistent gains in all categories of sound.

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The gist: Jason is confident you get your money’s worth.

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